This is the official site of N.K. Valek.

By day I’m a special ed para, guiding and encouraging the minds and imagination of all kids I meet. By…evening and at lunchtime, I write! What do I write? Wordsssss. (YA Fantasy/Adventure novels, collab myth-based saga experiements, retellings and translations from Azerbaijani folklore, poetry, uplifting affirmations, degrading notes to myself to clean my room FOR ONCE, heheheh…)

Mostly I’m focused on The Lost Elementalist series. This is a four book YA Fantasy/Adventure series about a girl breaking free from her mother’s overprotection to find her true potential etched in the war of a strange new world on the brink of collapse due to the vengeance of one man who gained dark powers from the ancient Orb of Shadows.

I’ve created a new website dedicated to the world of The Lost Elementalist! I’ll be adding more stories to it soon. Feel free to check it out!

Thanks for stopping by!

~ N.K. Valek

I post writerly schtuff on Twitter and mostly nature-inspired schtuff on Instagram!

((P.S. Also obsessing over enneagrams, nature (bamboo!), and singing. Always singing.))