This is the official site of N.K. Valek.

I’m most active on my writing Instagram right now, but I try to update this every once in a while. This is simply another place I’ve created as I continue to chase my dream of a novel-writing career. 

I started this whole thing when I was thirteen, roleplaying on neopets, and fully committed to the writer identity when I read an advice page on neopets. I believe I was in the midst of writing my first or second novel and I read, “If you want to be a professional writer, you have to treat writing as a job. Write every day, even when you don’t want to.”

For years, I took that to heart and although neopets is hardly as active anymore, creative writing will never die!

College got messy and near the end I had too much real life stuff going on to get to write every day. Now, in between job hunting and actually working, I have to fight for writing time, and I don’t always get it. As I write this in Oct. 2021, I’m working on the seventh draft of my debut novel and I’m so incredibly thankful to the betas that have helped me get this far!

Aside from books, I’m working on a couple other things. My Instagram account is dedicated to writing challenges and prompts and apparently a playground for my novel’s characters. On there, I’ve drafted a couple short stories that I’d love to expand and edit someday. A friend and I are also collabing a comic series based on a shepherd and a fairy navigating a land rife with folklore of the Caucasus regions. Eventually I’m gonna edit and publish a children’s book I wrote a while back.

But my first and main love, of course, will always be writing YA fantasy novels.

Mostly I’m focused on The Lost Elementalist series. This is a four book Crossworlds YA Fantasy/Adventure series about Selenia Ki (15, Colorado) and the dangers that lie along the road to her dreams. Her home life was full of restrictions, so she’s chasing adventure and the freedom to find herself, but she never expected to run away into a world of magic and war. The series features a diverse cast of varying neurotypes and ethnicities and was inspired by Avatar: The Last Airbender (characters and magic system <3) and Live Action Role Playing with friends and family growing up.

I’ve been a mess since graduating college and I haven’t really figured out how I want to use this site now. I’ve tried to clean it up since my earlier days, but I wouldn’t be surprised if some of the inside reflects my brain inside: *still a mess*. 😀

Anyway, thanks for reading, and please make sure you’ve eaten today and *try* to get ~7 hours of sleep tonight. You’re valuable and worth the fight. Keep trying your best. ❤

Have a good!

~ N.K. Valek